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table talk
food · family · love
a cookbook

Table Talk is a beautifully illustrated full color cookbook filled with 80 recipes that make sense for the way we live now. Luscious summer scenes make this book a summer souvenir - and the recipes will light up the whole year.

Author Carol McManus raised five children, putting a meal on the table every night. Owner of the popular café Espresso Love on the Island of Martha's Vineyard, she wants you to find the love in every meal.

A Martha's Vineyard keepsake!
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Table Talk Martha's Vineyard Cookbook

Experts are telling us what our own mothers and fathers knew: Mealtime should be family time. It's important to families, it's important to our children's development and it's important to you. Start tonight!

Make room in your cooking section for Table Talk. Available from Vineyard Stories on August 15. Order online now!

food · family · love